This modern holiday home was envisaged by the client as a home away from home for summer vacations. 

Designed for escapes, relaxing and entertaining with extended family and friends, the brief asked for spaces that a vacationing family could retreat to and chill or come together in one of the generous living spaces to share meals, good times and memories. 

Understated in many ways, the almost brutalist facade certainly leaves one guessing what they might find hidden away on the inside. A single polished rendered section, in a delicate shade of grey, becomes a feature within itself, offering the perfect amount of relief from the charred finished, black timber. 

Internally, subtle textural elements ensure that, while the palette is restrained, even minimalist, it maintains a sense of warmth and whimsy. The natural tactility of timber softly brushes against the monochromatic color palette leaving you subdued and ready to unwind. 

Each of these materials is complimented by the projects emphasis on natural light. Whether gently dappled light filtered by sheer curtains or a densely vegetated central light court, light enhances each space. Light is everything in our projects – large north facing windows, courtyards and light courts are essential to maximising natural light, creating bright happy spaces are key components of this modern holiday home.